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The Grayson Lakes subdivision was established in 2003 and is home to 530 households.  There are four lakes with 17 fountains and 30 acres of green space that is home to several varieties of waterfowl, fish and turtles.

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Clubhouse Rental

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Upcoming Events
The Annual HOA Meeting was held on September 19.  See the presentation here.  


We are going to utilize the clubhouse during the garage sale and allow residents in the community the opportunity to sell products from their home base businesses by renting a table.  You will also be able to use the tables during the preview sale with extended hours.  If you are interested in renting a table or would like more information, please send an email to Events@graysonlakesliving.com 

Food trucks will be present at the clubhouse for both the preview sale and during the regular sale for both residents and visitors.  Araguaney Food Truck, which is run by one of our very own residents, has graciously offered to be the food truck for the preview sale and has offered to give 10% of sales back to the community for future events!

Fall Garage Sale - October 20



We will be creating a list of home participating along with items available at each sale.  There will also be a neighborhood preview sale the evening before from 6:00p-7:00p open to Grayson Lakes residents only. 

These are both optional for residents to participate.  There is NO FEE to participate in the garage sale but please sign up by October 15!

KCM will be on site at the clubhouse form 1:00p-2:00p to accept any donations on October 20.  Please make sure you meet the truck and do not just drop off items at the clubhouse. 

Landscaping for Privacy and
Noise Abatement

With the growth of the area, many residents find themselves wishing for a bit less traffic noise.  As you've seen, Fort Bend County is now in the process of widening Gaston Road witch will eliminate part of the green space buffer.  Some residents would also like to create a bit more privacy in their backyards. 

If you're interested in managing these issues in a beautiful way with appropriate landscaping plantings, we'd like to hear from you. 

The Association Board with support from neighborhood master gardeners will sponsor an educational event with a landscaping expert at the clubhouse if there is sufficient interest.  Please call Crest Management or email karen.janczak@crest-management.com  to let her know you would like to attend. 
The date and time TBD.

Keepin' It Clean

The association continues to undertake maintenance projects throughout our neighborhood!  Most recently
, the tennis courts received a "soft wash" which removed the dirt and protected the surface.  Please remember the tennis courts are for tennis only- and locking the courts is important. 

You may call Crest Management at 281-945-4632 to receive the access code.

Another significant cleaning project was the front entrance to Grayson Lakes where the stone and concrete monuments were cleaned, sealed and the lettering repainted.  Total cost of these maintenance projects was $5500.


Grayson Woods

Thank you to the 90 residents that were able to attend the informational meeting with Mr. Brian Stidham, the developer of Grayson Woods, our new neighbors. 

Notes from the meeting are located HERE.

Your help is needed!

All of our committees need members!


Lake & Irrigation
Safety & Security

Contact Karen at Crest for more info!
Tree Trimming in Grayson Lakes

Many of you will see that the common area trees were trimmed at the front entrance, the recreation center pool and tennis courts, the park areas along the lakes and all along Grayson Lakes Boulevard through the exit at Ephram.  These trees are the most mature and this street area is the most heavily travelled.  Additional trimming will continue to take place periodically as needed and within budgetary parameters.  Please remember that trees in your yard, including the tree lawn, are the residents' responsibility.  It is important to keep the streets easily passable for vehicles and school busses. 
Thank you
to all the neighbors who have recently trimmed their trees (and shrubby) particularly those branching into the street and hanging over/near the sidewalks.



A Public Safety Message from
Deputy Singh:

Please remember to lock your car doors and report any break-ins as soon as discovered. 

Please report any suspicious activity or traffic violations to the FBCSO Dispatch at

For your safety please remember that the land along Buffalo Bayou is privately owned and is not connected to Grayson Lakes.
Anyone caught on this land will be considered trespassing.

Wondering when our Ft. Bend Roads will be expanded to accommodate more traffic?  Check out Ft. Bend Mobility Project information.





Check out Crest's new website!  You can now submit ARC requests, sign up for email alerts, and pay assessments online!

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Crest Management Company
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Karen Janczak,
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